Wednesday , 4 December 2019

What is Skripsi Pendidikan?

skripsi pendidikan Many people in the world might don’t really know about the word SKRIPSI and PENDIDIKAN. both of words are in Indonesian language. SKRIPSI is Thesis. other might also call it Essay. while Pendidikan mean to educate or Education. from the definitions above, we can conclude if Skripsi pendidikan mean Thesis about Education or Essay about Education. to learn more about Skripsi pendidikan, there is a site focusing in spreading the information about Skripsi. want to know more about skripsi? Keep reading.

Skripsi pendidikan is a final task given to the student before they graduate. this is the last requirement before they leave the university and back to the community. why did they should make Skripsi? they have to make skripsi in order to support the society with their ideas for better life. their Skripsi can be anything related to their Education. student who learn to be a teacher could create a Skripsi about education process in local area.

Skripsi pendidikan is not that hard to be created but it could be a real disaster for the student who don’t really understand on how to create it. in my opinion, almost student don’t really understand on how to create Skripsi. many student whom said they know on how to make it only able to create ‘garbage’ Skripsi which mean the Skripsi is only about research. those kind of Skripsi is categorized under ‘Garbage’ which mean even senior high school student could create it. so what is the category for non ‘Garbage’ Skripsi?

Useful Skripsi is the only non ‘Garbage’ Skripsi. what is useful skripsi? Useful Skripsi mean a Skripsi that concentrate in creating NEW IDEA or NEW INVENTION for the education purpose. that is exactly the SKRIPSI mean. many student just make hundreds of ‘Garbage’ Skripsi because they just want to Graduate from their college. I wish the Government will stop any college from creating the Skripsi and make a rule stated if make a Skripsi is optional if the student want to have better mark and opportunity. that is what I want to do. that is what I believe will be useful for the society and my country.

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