Monday , 9 December 2019

Using Classroom Assessment Techniques in Teaching English

Classroom Assessment Techniques in teaching is written based on Enhancing Skills using Special Techniques. After receiving lots of emails asking about classroom Assessment Techniques in teaching English, I decide to write an article just to respect them. However, it surely lack of references 🙂 and information. I’ll just try to write it based on my own experiences.

In local areas, especially local schools, almost all teachers including me usually use syllable to measure the teaching progress. A syllable itself isn’t enough but use it to estimate the students achievement is recommended. Classroom Assessment in local school is performed rarely. Teachers using various techniques to measure their students.

Classroom Assessment Techniques is badly needed by local teachers. I do myself need it just to prove the effectiveness on suing it. In local areas, classroom assessment was done automatically as it is part in syllable. However, learning from the experiences, using new techniques to make a classroom assessment just like as the foreigner may proof more effective. I’ll try to use it and will write the feedback later in few months later (Probably years, depend on the situation). Anyone who have tried to implement it are encouraged to share their opinion and experiences at this page. By doing that, lots of people will benefit from it. Please understand, helping others is marvelous job. Always believe in this and lots of good things will happen.

Teaching english in local school is really fun. Not so many people (including local english teachers) able to speak and write english fluently. In fact, most of them just understand the basic. This is not good for education but it is better than no one teaching them. That is why teaching English become really fun. If you have few knowledge in teaching English, probably you would understand on my point.

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