Tuesday , 3 December 2019


unirow UNIWORLD is the short meaning from UNIROW WORLD. student whom study at UNIROW tend to get the information about the exam and assignment when the info is already over. It basically mean the information cannot reach the student. it can be understood because there are so many factors did that. one of the biggest factor is DISTANCE. many student lives in outside TUBAN that mean they live far away from their University. student at UNIROW face those problem. at the past days, if they want to get the information, they need to go to Campus. it took more than 3 hours trip. this problem can be solved by creating an information portal for all UNIROW student. UNIWORD is UNIROW WORLD. collecting information from UNIROW and transmit the information to all student. it is as simple as is.

How the student retrieve the information? well, this is common question. to get the information, the student would need to go to this site and navigate to UNIWORLD (UNIROW WORLD). in UNIWORLD, many information for all UNIROW learner can be obtained. the information were came from many sources and it surely will be useful info for any UNIROW STUDENT. while getting information is really difficult because the distance problem, UNIWORLD (UNIROW WORLD) eliminate those problems because student can access the information from home, office and everywhere. they don’t need to got to the campus. they just need to head over this site and grab the info.

I’m not the student from UNIROW, are the info reliable for me? this is the greatest question in my mind. the answer is definitely yes. the information here are for UNIROW learner but many info would be useful for non student. Lecturer can use this info for their own good. Public can use this information for their activities. basically, whether you are student at UNIROW or not, the Information are reliable for you as you can use it to satisfy your knowledge. UNIWORLD (UNIROW WORLD) is for you.

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