Sunday , August 30 2015


unirow UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE) is fast grown University which is still new to the MOST favorite University in Indonesia. UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE) is the only University with so much options to choose in Tuban East java Indonesia. there are lots of “program study“ to choose from. I prefer English because I love English but as you might able to see, my English is terrible. I’m aware of it :-) and I wish you didn’t complain for it 😀 .

UNIROW (UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE) have thousands learner that study at Ronggolawe University. Mathematics, biology and other programs are available. many student didn’t know about Unirow and to know more about it just get the information by visiting

If you have any suggestion or opinions, you are welcome to write it in the comments form. If you have any question regarding UNIROW, I might able to help you but I’m not promising it.

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