Wednesday , 8 July 2020

UNIROW TUBAN registration

arick unirowToday is the second day for me at UNIROW. I’m an English learner at Unirow Tuban and really loves the computer. I’m not really interested in Software Engineering. I just love to stay with my Computer, doing some maintenances and optimizing my sites. back to the topic, I registered at Unirow and it means I will have to ID. one is as English student and the rest is Engineering student. i have perfect excuse to do it. don’t try as what I have done because it cost much times and dedications. f you don’t have one of them, you’ll screw your life. I don’t know if I’m going to be accepted or not but I have a plan to start creating lots of Charity sites if i was rejected. i loves to spend my times in front of my computers. I feel so happy watching my Luxurious computer in the right table. I used this PC only to browse the site, reading articles or downloading files. this PC equipped with the latest updates of drivers, Network security software and devices. this computer is the first security gate. the left table of me only consist a Laptop which is mobile device. I mean it is easy carried able. the Laptop is not that great but it got lots of protection from my first luxurious PC. I only used this device to read and done my college jobs and helping my friends as this notebook is following me all the times. when I went out somewhere, I always bring this notebook. as a note, I seldom use this notebook as I only use it if I it is urgent. I even don’t like to use it in campus as I love to use it in my room only. this device have grant protection and internet access from first PC.

the last PC is in front of me right now. this is my main PC. I call it “the Predator”. this PC equipped with latest quad processor (latest Intel I7, year 2011, third quarter). the VGA uses dual SLI Nvidia cards. SB Card and TV tuner MPEG card drive away the boring times. the memory isn’t that great but Patriot doing the Jobs fine. with the 4 dual OC’ed 2Gb each, the system is pretty fast and stable. I just don’t like the heat sink which eat lots of spaces. this PC have the ability to control the other PC and my notebooks. this precious PC got shared network internet access from first computer. to provide more speed and stable internet access, I give the Predator it own internet access. i use the HSDPA usb modem and it works like a charm. when my phones (two SE gadget) aren’t used, I attached it to the Raptor too. by Bridging all of them, I can smile all the times. all the drivers are updated and all of my hard work are saved in the dual Raptor Sata mirroring disk.

Registering at UNIROW surely will made me busy all the times which mean I will have less times to interact with the PC. well, that isn’t bad idea at all. 🙂

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