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unirowUNIROW is an abbreviation from UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE which mean a local University located in east java Indonesia. As a University, UNIROW has so many student. The latest data show an estimate of roughly more than thousands student registered this year. The student come from various areas around East java. It is estimated that UNIROW will be the biggest University in Tuban and maybe also East Java at 2015. This facts made lots of student feel confident to study at UNIROW. One of Unirow’s student, Mohammad Aris Affandi whom is also a popular Volleyball player said if UNIROW is the greatest place to develop not only knowledge but also many skills. Saiful Anam who is the ex-student from UNIROW stated if UNIROW had been changed from small Institute to higher level prestigious University in no more than 5 years. He also pointed some high activities in building lots of new building to accommodate the new student which are bigger and bigger each years.

Snap-2011-10-23-23-56-28Both of Mohammad Aris Affandi and Saiful Anam agree if UNIROW TUBAN is now being a favorite University because of so much things have changed. As a University which is getting bigger each year, Unirow has been implementing new schedule to use the class. Because of so much student study at UNIROW, Almost all classes were used and sometimes it is impossible to learn at class due to no empty class to be used. To anticipate this situation, more class were built and it will be bale to be used before the end of this year.

A University always have so much student with various activities. UNIROW also supports lots of activities such as Scouts, Sports, Arts, Music, etc. It is a good decision to supports all of those activities because it can improve student skills and also made them to be creative. A lecturer who is teaching at UNIROW said if he really enjoy teaching at UNIROW because of the flexibility it has.

UNIROW is a UNIVERSITY. This University were declared in couple years ago. It now has more than ten thousand active student (whom still learning). As the times passed by, the number may getting bigger and bigger. Publics that were asking “what is UNIROW?”, UNIROW is a prospective UNIVERSITY. A University which is still new but have greater potential to be the best from the others. UNIROW is a great place to enhance skills and knowledge. You can count on me about that. ARICK.

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