Tuesday , 3 December 2019


STITMA UNIROW definitions

The definition about STITMA UNIROW is still vague for almost everyone. It concepts was introduced earlier in 2009 but was actively published in July 2011. In 2009, STITMA UNIROW was publicly available. For the first time, It was posted about some document needed by the teacher to teach their students. After a year struggle to survive, STITMA UNIROW once again …

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UNIWORLD to receive Feedbacks

Few days after launching the new Program named as UNIrow WORLD, lots of Feedback was received form many readers. they support the Idea and really like it. the Idea about UNIWORLD (UNIROW WORLD) was quickly spread from one forum to another and from each social network to others. only local areas able to get the info as UNIWORLD was labeled …

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