Tuesday , 3 December 2019


Tpl universitas ronggolaweTPL UNIROW is a short meaning from word TEKNIK PERANGKAT LUNAK UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE. TPL itself derived from TEKNIK PERANGKAT LUNAK while UNIROW is UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE. TPL UNIROW is popular in local areas at TUBAN, east java Indonesia. being called as ENGINEERING by some people, TPL UNIROW prepared to be one of the greater choice fro any student.

TPL UNIROW is located in MANUNGGAL. the same street where UNIROW located. at the first time, there are nothing special about it. I have learnt many things about C++ and other things related to computer stuff and hardly find anyone whom able to cooperate with me. assembly a computer and installing system is common things for me. while the interesting things is cleaning system after I did infected it with bad things. basically, experimenting with system files is really interesting. doing some SEO in internet is also great. I love to not only create CMS but also make it fully loaded with SEO techniques. most of the times, playing with databases was also great. TPL UNIROW is great isn’t it.

unirowLife is boring and that’s why I stop learning any of the computer stuff few months ago. I see there are no new interesting things to make me keep learning about computer stuff. few years later I spent most of my times in front of computer just to read about some code and experimenting with it for some purposes. now, I don’t feel it is a great things. that’s why I register at TPL UNIROW. I want to really love computer like the first time I knew about it. I do really love computer. it seems, I can’t life without it (I mean, life will be sucks with out it). I just want to be like the old times when I really enjoy spent almost all of my times by studying about computer. enough about it, let’s comeback to the topic about TPL UNIROW.

TPL UNIROW is the second department for me. before this, I have learnt at English Department. TPL UNIROW is not my choices. I just want to know about it. whether it is great or it is sucks. I‘ll prove it and let’s pray for the best. my sister help me all the times. she is being the code tester for years.

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