Wednesday , 4 December 2019

Tournament for UNIROW

unirowTomorrow evening starting from 07.00 Pm, 12 people will struggle for UNIROW. 10 people are players and the rest are officials. The tournament is located in NDJARUM which is more than 8 kilometers from the main city of TUBAN. Volley Ball Tournament is become popular lately. 12 will go to the Tournament without any help in funds or Transportation. Don’t ask about whether we were being paid or not as we fight for the name of UNIROW. in other words, we are not paid to play in tournament but we are doing this for free. why? because we love UNIROW. we are going to go there by bikes and despite the cool weather in the night, We will keep struggle for UNIROW. I do really appreciate all of their spirits and I wish we would win the tournament.

The Tournament is supported by popular sponsor and many teams join it. the tournament is not only for local team. many team from other Big Cities also come to play. tomorrow will be the long lasting night. we will fight for the name of UNIROW. we will fight for UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE. we may lose but we also have the possibility to win the game. tomorrow night will decide whether we will be able to keep playing or going home for nothing. we don’t have supporters that will cheers for us. we just have spirits in ourselves. WIN OR LOSE, WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING TO GIVE THE BEST THING FOR UNIROW UNIVERSITAS RONGGOLAWE TUBAN. join us and let’s go to NDJARUM if you really want to support us. let’s support UNIROW. (ARICK, the memories a night before playing for UNIROW).

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