Sunday , 8 December 2019

Top five popular activities in Local Colleges

This is top Five Activities that are really popular in local colleges. Ever wonder on what are the most often activities that are really famous? keep reading and you will find the answer. Enough talking and here is the answer:

  1. Online using free Internet Access. Student really love to do this whenever there are free times. Lots of free Wi-Fi in local campus make this activity become really popular. By using special gadget like as Mobile Phone, Ipad and Notebook, they were able to connect to the internet for free.
  2. Talking with friends. They really love to gather with friends and talk about so many things. Many students hanging around with friends and discussing about the assignments.
  3. Taking unique pictures. Likely, lot of students really love to take pictures of their selves. Some of them also take another pictures about their environment. Sometimes, while gathering with friends, they also take the photographs.
  4. Chatting in Social Networks. This activities is become really popular. Combining with other popular activities, they  online through free internet access using free W-Fi and uploading the image that taken by suing their mobile phones.
  5. Enjoy the time by eating foods. Some students prefer to gather with their friends and eating lots of foods in the park. Surely it is an enjoyable moments.

Those five activities are based on the own opinion without doing any research. Further research may prove different that what already stated in this article. In future, there will a research (if there are free times to do it, tough don’t count on me to do it). I do have lots of activities in this month that make me unable to write often just like the old times. Maybe next month I can write lots of articles again. See you next month. ARICK (Mochammad Rifai).

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