Thursday , 9 July 2020

The Importance of Kunci Jawaban for Teachers

Kunci Jawaban is complete lists of answer keys available in every worksheets released by local publisher to be used by teachers. The answer keys was bundled with the worksheets as single packet and only given to teacher. The worksheets released by local publisher were designed for teachers and also students. While teacher got another bundle of worksheets filled with answers of all questions, students only receive a worksheet filled with content and questions. Basically, the worksheet was not fully equipped with all the useful content as it only has an excerpt of the lesson. This is not good practice but local publisher said it is to keep students learn and find the resources by their selves. Well, for me it looks like they only think about business and didn’t care about how to make students smarter.

Kunci JawabanKunci Jawaban for teachers have beer released many times in this site. Recently, local publisher didn’t bundle answer key because they want to cut the cost to produce the worksheets or they didn’t have the ideas to answer it. It seems local publisher added questions and content in their worksheets without the latest standard. When they have used international standard to publish worksheets, there is no doubt at all if the product will surely help both students and teachers. To help teachers in teaching their students using local worksheets, The authors in this site voluntary devote their selves in helping them. More than hundreds of Kunci Jawaban have been released. However, to protect it from negative impact, the file was sealed from public. Only beta testers and invited teachers able to download it. All files remain free and will always like that. It will be released to public after being tested to make sure it work as expected.

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