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Definition RPP in English

For all visitors who visit this site for the documents and the surfer who come to this site for some reasons, we will talk about RPP at this moment. Many of you might don’t know about the RPP as it only popular in local area (at Indonesia only) and possibly unpopular outside local areas. If you are teacher then “RPP” isn’t a something new for you. All teacher usually using many kinds of RPP worldwide. It just have different names. Let’s get to the point.

RPP stand for RENCANA (RANCANGAN) PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN. What is RENCANA (RANCANGAN) PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN is?. In English words it simply means Teaching Plans. It is a standard documents which contains all planning in teaching student at school used by teacher to maximize the teaching progress. So RPP is important tool for teacher because it contains planning in teaching student. RPP is a smart choice because it eliminate many difficulties while teaching in class. By using it, teacher would achieve the greater result due to the effectiveness in using the times. here are the benefits and the reasons why teacher should using RPP while teaching the student:

RPP able to maximize the times usage in teaching. This means an RPP will guide the teacher to do exactly as what should be done while teaching. Many teacher lose the times because they were to excited or too nervous while teaching in class. This will lead into bad things as the times will run out without they notice it. By using the RPP, teacher will know on what they have to do at specified time and thus will make them able to maximize the times.

RPP able to utilize the environment. By using RPP, teacher will be able to use any materials around the environment as their teaching tools due to the step by step included in RPP. RPP will make use any of the materials which is able to improve the teaching progress. By using the materials around the environment, student will likely learn faster due to their knowledge in those materials.

RPP contains the formula to identify the student. An excellent RPP will contains the techniques on how to identify the student whom understand the topic and who didn’t understand at all. It also have some parameters using to detect the ability of student. There is a mechanism to make student able to understand and also the criteria on how to make it possible.

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That are few benefits in using the RPP. before we continue the lesson, I would like to give some announcement about RPP. There have been confusion about RPP in local areas due to their limited understanding about RPP. Foreigners also confuse about RPP because they already know about RPP which are totally different with the topic in this page. So here are the supplemental data (just for knowledge) about RPP for local teachers. An RPP at this article isn’t RPP which have been already popular such as:

Report on Plans and Priorities (RPP). The RPP at this article didn’t mean to discuss about this. However, local teachers write about this even though they should write about RPP which mean RENCANA (RANCANGAN) PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN. They know the meaning in Indonesian but didn’t know on the English words thus lead them to write the English words of RPP as REPORT on PLAN and PRIORITIES. They should write it as TEACHING PLAN only.

Regulated Price Plan (RPP) is another the acronym of RPP. It is widely known acronym for RPP. Many teachers know about it and most of them smart enough not to use this acronym for RENCANA (RANCANGAN) PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN.  This is due to the different meaning of both words. Looks like most of them were smart enough not to use it in their papers. However, just few of them fell on this acronym and use it in their papers. poor teacher.

A registered pension plan (RPP). Here is another unpopular acronym for RPP. The acronym is only well known in Canada. If you were Canadian, this might the popular sentence for you. Local teachers were not using this acronym at all. This is due to this acronym which isn’t popular in local areas.

Those are all acronym for RPP. If you want to learn more about RPP, I encourage you to also learn about SILABUS which is another documents to increase the teacher’s skills. fell free to drop any of your question here and I will reply it ASAP.

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