Friday , 21 February 2020

Teaching Writing in Local University

Teaching Writing in Local University is an easy assignment but there are high chances that the students wouldn’t be able to receive the information successfully. Lecturers or teachers are should be more focus not only on how they express their ideas in teaching writing to their students but also on how they should delivers the information. The effective ways to teach writing are not about how the lecturers teach their students with confident or how the lecturers abilities in teaching students but it is about how the students understand the topic given by lecturers. In local universities, lecturers only focus on the best methods in teaching the students. However, the best method in this terms was a teaching method that was used by so many lecturer over times and most of them thin it is better than another. As a someone whom also teaching others, I already know if the best method in teaching is depend on the students. Learners and teachers should analyze the students carefully and then use any teaching methods that suitable for them. In fact, each students should be treated different as their skills and other factors may affect the success in teaching them.

Teaching Writing effectively is one of the most important life-long skills that teacher and lecturers need to teach their students efficiently. All skills will be improved during times and it is possible to find a new way in teaching. Most of the times, Lecturers and teachers were not studying while teaching the students. This is the most common habit of them. The habit, surely will suffer them and also the students. Only educators that learn while teaching remain smarter and better. The concept is educators learn how the students accept the information and why some of them unable to increase their abilities in specific skills. Because of learning while teaching, educator will get lots of benefits and their skills would be better than before.

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