Wednesday , 4 December 2019

teaching procedure using RPP and Syllable Online

unirow I will try to provide some of the enhanced teaching process using Enhanced RPP and Syllable Online. in order to teach in Indonesian, the first step is analyzing everything around the school which might benefit the teaching process. Don’t forget about the material used for teaching. you can teach the student just by reading, writing or listening. all of them is traditional process. you need to make the student involved in reading, involved in teaching and also involved in listening process. that is the standard teaching procedure. in Indonesia, many teacher failed to implement the standard teaching procedure. they failed to make student involved in the process of learning. most of the times, they don’t know on how to do that. this is why RPP and Syllable is needed to guide them. the problem is many of them don’t understand on how to use RPP and Syllable given to them. yeah, as what I always said “teach the teacher first then the Student”. I used to sais that because the government should made all teacher able to teach fast and efficient. many parents angry to their kids if they failed the test. most of the times, incapable teacher caused it. if their teacher was great, the story might be different. so, do you want to improve your learning process or not? your learning procedure need to be improved if you wish the better result. i love the Enhanced Procedure. if you have mastered the normal procedure, it is the time to improve it into enhanced procedure. what is the enhanced procedure? in simple words it is the teaching process which is really intensive in explaining the material to the student by using logical and bottom line of knowledge. by using those method, even not smart student will be able to understand the lesson because the teacher explain it by using the LOGIC thinking and easy to understand words. the lesson also being converted into the student mind. in other words, the teacher MUST know and use what the student think about the lesson. it is not that hard but could be disaster if you did it wrong. I’m available to consult it as long as you really want to learn about it.

The Teaching process require RPP and Syllable. Indonesian teacher are encouraged to use the Enhanced characteristic RPP and Syllable to benefit the new teaching mechanism. while not every teacher understand about it, many people provide helps. you should read previous post in order to create guide for learning process. if your problems was at the quote list above, you will be able to overcome the problem after reading the pervious post.thanks for reading this.

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