Friday , 21 February 2020

Teaching English in ESL Countries

Teaching English in ESL countries sometimes can be really hard but most volunteers said it also really fun. in ESL (English as Second Language) Countries, the problems arise because the volunteers or foreigner teachers didn’t understand the local languages. Thus made them unable to teach local students easily. Even an easies lesson would be really taught to due to different languages. Teaching English in ESL countries require lots of perquisites.

Foreigner teachers should understand the local languages as it is used in the communication between students and teachers. Teaching English in ESL teacher would be almost impossible if teachers unable to understand the local languages. Whenever students have difficulties, they will ask it in their own languages as they still unable to speak or write using English. If the teachers were unable to response using the local languages, the result can be predicted, miscommunication between students and teachers that will lead to usefulness in teaching progress. I ever experience this when trying to teach English in a village which is unable to speak english. Taught them the basic and easiest english lesson become really hard. When they were unable to speak using Bahasa, it become really taught for me to teach them. If I were understand their local language, then the problem will not occur. It make me come into conclusion if Teaching English can be difficult if we don’t understand the local language that is used as intermediary.

Teaching English in ESL Countries can be really fun, teachers which consist of volunteers and few professionals will learn new customs. They will see lots of new things, a great news than not all people have it. That is why teaching english in ESL countries is really fun. Sometimes, it looks like a vacation but without need to pay for it. Let’s teach english in ESL countries.

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