Sunday , 8 December 2019

Local Teachers were searching for another Job

Being Teacher means doing activity that involve transferring knowledge to students. Recent issues in local areas were spread rapidly because of teachers were searching for another job and teaching was become secondary job. It have been become public secret if teaching in local area is an irritating work because the salary was really low. This lead to trouble as teacher seeking for another job. Teaching should be the primary job for teacher. NISYA a spokesman in UNIROW-STITMA.NET stated about this few days ago when this issues raised to public. However, she had to admit that teaching in local area couldn’t be used as primary job. She is a teacher and fully understand with the topic. While teaching couldn’t being treated as the primary source for income, she still propose it to be the most essential work in life.

Many issues related with education started from the fact that teacher couldn’t focus only in teaching. Sometimes they teach their student using very limited skills because they never had any chance to think about what should they do in class. Many teachers works in other places and it make them unable to focus on their job as teacher. Some professor even think if the bad quality of teaching progress was caused by the fact if teacher unable to fulfill their duty as teacher.

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