Wednesday , 1 July 2020

The importance of skills in Teaching for Teacher

Teacher should rely their own skills to solve many issues while teaching. The most noticeable issues are answering questions from worksheets and explaining the study to students.

Teacher should use their own skills and not rely on the answer given by the author whom write the question in worksheets. The reason is simple. Most answer were useless and didn’t clearly explain the subject. In a simple case, there is an issues involving the local publisher which produce worksheets with low credibility. The questions were not targeted and the answers were not useful as well. There are discussion about it involving government and local publishers.

teach student in school
Teaching student in class

Teacher should rely on their skills to explain the object of the study. Relying on the worksheet and answer keys are the most fatal decision. However, some teacher have low skills and thus forcing them to teach ‘as is’. All teacher should be smart enough in teaching. It is impossible to make student smarter if the teacher were not better than them.

While teaching student in schools were not easy, most teacher should understand it can be easier and joyful. To achieve it, teacher only need to be smarter and acquire skills in teaching as fast as possible. No need to be a perfect teacher. Just be the best for student and everything shall be fine.

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