Thursday , 9 July 2020

Study Literary Work Skripsi

Chapter 1 Skripsi Background of the study Literary Work | UNIROW STITMA is another journal which discuss about Literary work used in Skripsi. Irna Diana, a young writer whom really interesting in Literary work explain the reason and specific term mainly available in Chapter 1.

Students in eight semester at UNIROW has to create unique yet powerful Skripsi which will be used as their last assignment to graduate from university. Irna Diana choose the title because she really enjoy discussing about Literary Works. In facts, She has been in contacts with well known author from foreign countries in order to complete her Skripsi.

Author Irna Diana
Irna Diana unirow

Literature is the important part in Skripsi. Obtain it wasn’t the only challenge. Verify the literature and linking it with the object of the study is the real challenge.

Updated: The literary work already done since few weeks ago. Irna Diana as the author has devoted his time to do complex and tedious research about ‘Literary Works’.

The job was done after she found quite impressive resources provided by ‘unnamed professor’ from United Kingdom Universities. Thanks to all contributor whom decide to help Us finish the project.

While Literary work created by Irna Diana covers lots of things about teaching and literature, there are still many room for improvements. It is expected the research could be used by lecturer to teach student in local universities.

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