Monday , 9 December 2019

STITMA UNIROW Timeline history

STITMA UNIROW is private blog established by local webmaster whom aware of the issues related with education. In 2005, Few new concepts to help local teachers were introduced and in 2006 the research was started. Due to so much difficulties in gathering data, the research was postponed until 2007.

In the first month of 2008, The author starting the project after new webmaster helping with new sampling data. In the end of 2008, random and explicit data was compiled for public. In middle 2009, the data was being used by local university to measure the campaign in teaching first year student in college. Two new domain was established in the end of 2009 and both of them operate successfully in 2010.

Now, after three years helping local teacher, STITMA UNIROW facing another challenge as the documents in repositories were outdated. Most of them were valuable assets and still useful and will produce great and better result when applied in school. However, few documentation need to be changed as the new rules in teaching had been edited by the government. Such minor change maybe easy but changing hundreds of thousands documents were painful process. The worst is it will make author busy with changing small fraction of the documents and have no will to create new documents. To avoid this, all the documents were locked and only available for beta testers. Even for beta testers, we make a note on them to change the fraction of documents to reflect the new documentation from the government.





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