Wednesday , 4 December 2019

STITMA UNIROW definitions

UNIROWThe definition about STITMA UNIROW is still vague for almost everyone. It concepts was introduced earlier in 2009 but was actively published in July 2011. In 2009, STITMA UNIROW was publicly available. For the first time, It was posted about some document needed by the teacher to teach their students. After a year struggle to survive, STITMA UNIROW once again release a new platform in august 2010. Due to so many teacher asking for help, the Admin works harder to provide them with the supplied documents. During 2010 until 2011, STITMA UNIROW have been down for so many times. in 11 September 211, after a month releasing a new platform, STITMA UNIROW was offline due to so many visitors visiting it. The bandwidth was overloaded and thus made it offline for two days. At the same month, STITMA UNIROW also  down again for one day. It also caused by the overwhelming visitors and hits to this site.

STITMA UNIROW move to the new hosting in July 5, 2011. This is intended as in January 2011, more than 3 times STITMA UNIROW was offline due to unexpected hits to this site. At February until July 3, more than eighteen downtime was happen. The new hosting seems reliable enough and it is fine until the end of September 2011. At the end of September 2011, a new concepts was made and Admin decided to move into blogger. This idea caused lots of permalinks errors. The admin keep updating the old link but due to the nature of some permalink which are impossible to repair, more than millions of permalinks errors were detected.

Back again to the topic, STITMA UNIROW definition is derived from the words STITMA and UNIROW. From the stories above, It is expected that all people will understand the definition of STITMA UNIROW. From my perspectives, STITMA means high school (university) about TARBIYAH. UNIROW means RONGGOLAWE UNIVERSITY. Definitions of STITMA UNIROW were featured in some local newspaper and everyone seems have their own definitions about STITMA UNIROW. So, what is your definitions about STITMA UNIROW? as for official definition, STITMA UNIROW means Helping the others who really need for help. Local student call it UNIVERSITY OF UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE.

The definitions of STITMA UNIROW is a hot issues in some local Universities. A lecturer whom teach at UNIROW call it UNIWORLD enhanced which means UNIROW’s WORLD ENHANCED. As the time goes on, STITMA UNIROW is well known than other words as UNIROW and STITMA.

Foreign people especially learner from foreign universities such as EDU, and UTI seems to have their own definitions. They thinks STITMA UNIROW as STIGMA UNIROW. Notice the word STIGMA, It is completely different with STITMA. It is acceptable as they still didn’t familiar with the word STITMA and only know STIGMA. STIGMA itself actually have some similarity with word STITMA. STIGMA is perspective while STITMA is perspective about UNIVERSITIES and EDUCATION. read more about it at STITMA TUBAN.

Definition of STITMA UNIROW is taken based on the first time it made for public. If it not because of ARICK, STITMA UNIROW will not being known by everyone. People now can says about STITMA or UNIROW and all people will know about it because ARICK was introduced those words via internet for public use. If you have your own definitions about STITMA UNIROW, Don’t hesitate to contact me at the right menu above.

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