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Silabus Bahasa

Silabus dan RPP Berkarakter Mulok Bahasa dan Sastra Sunda SMA/MA

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Senior High Schools in local areas are useful institutions that help the society to be better. Based on the data analysis from some local experts that stated if good societies are contains many useful people with better education (6843Y5G7HGCH). Those statement mean if educated people will make societies become better than before. To achieve this purpose, teacher is an important ... Read More »

RPP Silabus Bahasa Inggris KTSP untuk SMA Kelas XI

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“RPP Silabus Bahasa Inggris KTSP untuk SMA Kelas XI” Reviewed by Mochammad Rifai on Feb 12 is an old document but still required till today.“RPP Silabus Bahasa Inggris KTSP 2008 untuk SMA Kelas XI” is a useful document which is still being used by numerous teacher due to the effectiveness of it and also because of the skills required in ... Read More »

silabus bahasa sunda smp berkarakter

“silabus bahasa sunda smp berkarakter” is a document for teacher which is reviewed by Linatul Ainisiyah on Feb 10. It is a document in sundanese used by teacher whom teaching in junior high school. “silabus bahasa sunda smp berkarakter” is a special document used to guide every teacher whom teaching in junior high school which is written in sundanese. Rating: ... Read More »

Silabus Bahasa Inggris Sma Kelas Xi Semester 2

Silabus Bahasa Inggris Sma Kelas Xi Semester 2 Posted on January 30, 2012 by Mochammad Rifai ARICK CORPORATION (UNIROW STITMA) which is available in Jalan Raya pertigaan pakah, TUBAN, EAST JAVA with a website of UNIROW have created the document by Mochammad Rifai and Rated: 9/ 10 (Excellent). UNIROW STITMA is creating Syllable to be used by teacher whom teaching ... Read More »

RPP SILABUS (Updated Info)

Silabus and RPP will be the next main focus for me. i can said that because I couldn’t manage it for now. I have excuse for it. the reason are described in the paragraph below. I do appologize for any RPP and Syllable user whom need the documents. hope you able to get what you want. searching in the search ... Read More »


SILABUS and RPP was Updated again. for any teacher whom need any required document marked in Bold and Italic at QUOTE below, you have the option to subscribe or ask a request for those document. all of words in the quote text are translated into Indonesian for better structure and easy to understand. for non Indonesian teacher, you have the ... Read More »

new update free download RPP SILABUS lengkap

New updates on this weekend contain rpp eek matematika sma XII ips and Silabus matematika SMK Kls XI. As usual the updates were accessible through our ftp repository tunnel. there are several improvement in basic RPP and SYLLABLE including but not limited with Free download silabus berkarakter Normatif used by smk 26 jakarta. There are some debate about it by ... Read More »