Wednesday , August 27 2014

RPP Bahasa Inggris school subject SEKOLAH DASAR

Lesson plan or Teaching plan is an important tools for teacher. All Local teacher from various institutions need those documents. Teacher whom teaching in Elementary schools also need the documents as well. It was not that hard to create a lesson plan or syllable. However, it can be really hard if it come to create syllable or teaching plan in ... Read More »

Silabus dan RPP Berkarakter Ekonomi MA Islamiyah

Islamic schools were used specials teaching modules to enable the teacher transferring knowledge about some religions without hassle. The module was called as Special Characteristic Module in Syllable and Teaching plan. The article in this page is about to discuss an economic teaching plan for Islamic schools which is the same grade for Senior high schools. Below is some simple ... Read More »

about download SILABUS PKN SMA

This week in the end of April, the authors will present one of the last document which was asked by a teacher from local school. The document is a syllable which is going to be used at schools. The teacher will require it as it contains the basic ideas to guide them in teaching at schools. It sis really hard ... Read More »

Silabus RPP Updated News

Back again in Earlier September 2011 I got huge emails (most of them were considered as spam and junk emails) requesting support in Syllable and RPP. they desperately need help on the documents. SILABUS RPP UPDATED NEWS were available for only. here are new user request for the earlier month in September: UPDATED INFO: due to migration from self ... Read More »

new update free download RPP SILABUS lengkap

New updates on this weekend contain rpp eek matematika sma XII ips and Silabus matematika SMK Kls XI. As usual the updates were accessible through our ftp repository tunnel. there are several improvement in basic RPP and SYLLABLE including but not limited with Free download silabus berkarakter Normatif used by smk 26 jakarta. There are some debate about it by ... Read More »