Thursday , 4 June 2020

Contoh RPP


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Teacher in local area were encouraged to create PROTA which can be used to guide them in teaching effectively What is PROTA PROTA is a document designed to guide teacher in evaluating and guide them with their teaching progress. The document were used for long-term purpose (usually yearly). PROTA SMP It is teacher’s document which is used in Junior High …

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Silabus RPP Updated News

Back again in Earlier September 2011 I got huge emails (most of them were considered as spam and junk emails) requesting support in Syllable and RPP. they desperately need help on the documents. SILABUS RPP UPDATED NEWS were available for only. 🙂 here are new user request for the earlier month in September: UPDATED INFO: due to migration from …

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Contoh RPP Pendidikan Online

It seems greats Back again after checking for “Contoh RPP Pendidikan Online” which is a real disaster for me when the server got some outage yesterday night. maybe all of you didn’t notified the outage which resulting the website cannot accesses from the outside country than Indonesia. ten minutes after the outage occurs, I reactivate the backup server and …

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Contoh RPP SILABUS SMP/SMA/MA/SMK BERKARAKTER semua mata pelajaran

Author Irna Diana

RPP and Silabus are two important documents needed by local teacher whom willing to teach student with better methods. It is recommended all local teacher use the latest methods in teaching to achieve their goals. The government urge all teacher to create unique RPP and Silabus based on standard rules and should be designed to be usable for their condition. …

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