Friday , November 21 2014

RPP Berkarakter

Definition of Daily Language from KTSP

KTSP as the essential guiding document for student has a definition of daily language. A teacher was asking about it through an email. The definition of daily language was taken based on own experience because KTSP was built on the people’s mind. Language as the most essential part in human technology has lots of feature such as able to define ... Read More »

RPP Bahasa Inggris school subject SEKOLAH DASAR

Lesson plan or Teaching plan is an important tools for teacher. All Local teacher from various institutions need those documents. Teacher whom teaching in Elementary schools also need the documents as well. It was not that hard to create a lesson plan or syllable. However, it can be really hard if it come to create syllable or teaching plan in ... Read More »

Prota dan Promes PKN Karakter SMA Kls XI

Teacher whom teaching at school surely need some guidelines and ‘assistant’ in helping them teach their student correctly. STITMA-UNIROW.NET released a document which is known as Prota dan Promes PKN Karakter SMA Kls XI to help them teaching fine in class. The document is only useful for teacher whom teaching in Senior High Schools. Other type of institutions could not ... Read More »

Persamaan KTSP dengan Kurikulum Berkarakter

The Similarities between KTSP and Characteristic Curriculum  have been becoming a new issue in local institution education. Many teacher were asked whether the Characteristic Curriculum was the same as KTSP. KTSP Itself is stand for Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan which mean an operational curriculum made and operated in various education institution to provide excellent teaching progress. KTSP always implement Special ... Read More »

RPP Matematika SMK Berkarakter

Teaching plan have been a great tool for teacher and today another document was being added into repository again. It is a document especially created for teacher whom teaching in Vocational High School. While the name of Vocational High School is no longer used again, STITMA UNIROW still use it for the rest of the documents. RPP MATEMATIKA SMK BERKARAKTER ... Read More »


Mathematics or popular with the name of MATEMATIKA in Indonesia is almost identical with other study. It is a lesson which using number and logical to perform some calculations. Mathematic is well known and widely taught in many schools. Even the kindergarten’s student learn it. Teacher taught mathematics for many reasons. Most of the reasons can be found below: Help ... Read More »


After few hours ago UNIROW TUBAN EDUCATION BLOG RELEASED a new post, here is another post which contains info about RPP SMK BERKARAKTER BANGSA. Just for anyone with curiosity who want some challenges in teaching the student. The document isn’t for teacher who afraid of losing attention as the RPP SMK BERKARAKTER BANGSA was designed to meet some criteria to ... Read More »


Here is another review for one of released document few second ago. The document can be downloaded if you had the credentials. so download RPP BERKARAKTER BANGSA SMK if you really need it. For some reasons, It is not being published to public. Let’s not talk about it because it can be really long story. The document was created by ... Read More »


Official logo STITMA UNIROW

I have written several RPPs in free times. Most of them were applicable only in Junior High School or well known as SMP in Indonesia. The RPP were written while doing extensive research in UNIROW. People who teach student will definitely need this documents. At least, they can use it for references. The documents provided here are to be used ... Read More »

RPP PENJAS SD Berkarakter produced by INTAN PARIWARA

It have been more than ten days without update. UNIROW EDUCATION BLOG ( had been idle without prior notification. This was happen due to a dedication not to use internet for several days. As we (Indonesia) already know, Gasoline and other kinds of mineral related things will have the price increased significantly. This is not a bad move from government ... Read More »