Tuesday , July 29 2014

rpp sma


Teaching plan have been a great tool for teacher and today another document was being added into repository again. It is a document especially created for teacher whom teaching in Vocational High School. While the name of Vocational High School is no longer used again, STITMA UNIROW still use it for the rest of the documents. RPP MATEMATIKA SMK BERKARAKTER ... Read More »

Mata Pelajaran Keterampilan Sma

Mata Pelajaran Keterampilan Sma Posted on January 30, 2012 by Irna Diana UNIROW STITMA Located at Jalan Raya Pertigaan Pakah, Tuban, East Java with a blog at UNIROW Have reviewed a document named “mata pelajaran keterampilan sma” which is Reviewed by IRNA DIANA and Rated: 5/ 10 (average). The review is only about the popularity of the document in the ... Read More »

RPP matematika sma ipa (FINISHED)

yesterday I created an RPP MATEMATIKA by using e-tex reader or you may call it e-text reader, some poeople prefer to call it e text reader. The rpp matematika sma ipa which created by etext reader mainly used for student in IPA class for senior high school. The rpp matematika sma ipa kelas XI finished in midnight and that’s the ... Read More »