Monday , 9 December 2019

RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER

RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER or popular with the name of Teaching Plan procedure on Bahasa had been created and added to the repository again. The file contain some information that are available in the old release and this new release only add few more explanations and techniques in teaching students. While the old version lack of technique in maximizing the times while in class, the new document use different approach. Students are asked to be active than before but keep helping each others. This new document will make student understand the importance of friendship but keep fair when doing the assignments. It means the document about RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER will teach them to be fair but still helpful for others. Student are not being taught to be smart but also to be a useful person that care with others and will always help whenever a someone need helps. Creating the document require more thinking despite the few addition in the document. The document was marked as ‘need correction’ which means it is under beta release. The final release will be given to public after several modifications and improvements also when the bugs get fixed if any.

General Overview of the documents:

Sub Documents
RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER
2. RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER
Added:May 15, 2012
Author:Mochammad Rifai
Papers:Up to 126 Papers
Type:Medium – Important
Quality (points):Excellent (78)
Availability:Using Credential
Status:Beta Release
Download:1. Documents (RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER in .DOC files, .XLS files, .PPT files)
2. Compressed Archives (RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER in .7Z format, .ZIP format, .RAR format)

Here are some other references for RPP SMA bahasa Indonesia BERKARAKTER:

  2. RPP PENJAS SD Berkarakter produced by INTAN PARIWARA
  3. RPP Matematika SMK Berkarakter

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