Monday , 6 July 2020

RPP SILABUS Eksplorasi Berkarakter

Earlier in 2007, the government starting to think about new characteristic learning process that will not only teach the student to be smart but also to make them understand how to be the man. this is why RPP SILABUS Eksplorasi Berkarakter taking the part in this place. to achieve such goals, the teacher need to make an RPP SILABUS Eksplorasi Berkarakter that will be used to guide them in learning process so they will not lost in the middle of the teaching process. the RPP SILABUS EKSPLORASI BERKARAKTER is really important if the teacher want to obey the latest curriculum from the government.


It is an Exploration Teaching Plan which is designed to work with special characteristic. The characteristic mentioned in previous sentence mean teaching student nicely to make them having good attitude.

Teachers are encouraged to write a document and use it to guide them in teaching. The document should comply with latest rules published by local government.


This is another guidelines for teacher which is required by local education institution. The document has a function to help teacher measure their skills and ability in teaching by comparing student achievement with teaching methods.

The Syllabus also emphasize on building positive attitude. Teacher will have to teach their student effectively using latest methods. They have to make student understand if having positive attitude is very important.


The RPP and Syllabus should emphasize in characteristics building. After all, it is quite important to make student having positive behavior. All teaching progress should focus on building positive attitude. It is expected teaching progress would be easier just by following guidelines in RPP and Syllabus. After all, that’s the goal why the documents exist. As teacher, we believe student should be taught very well. We also believe student deserve better education.

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