Wednesday , 4 December 2019

RPP PENJAS SD Berkarakter produced by INTAN PARIWARA

It have been more than ten days without update. UNIROW EDUCATION BLOG ( had been idle without prior notification. This was happen due to a dedication not to use internet for several days. As we (Indonesia) already know, Gasoline and other kinds of mineral related things will have the price increased significantly. This is not a bad move from government but it surely will make lots of people suffers. The government states that the price will be increased due to high cost to subsidy the people. However, It strange that a big country cannot get a great income. Tax and other things were being corrupted and this led to huge waves of denial everywhere. If the tax were not being corrupted, the country will be able to get enormous income.

Let’s get back to the topic.

RPP PENJAS SD BERKARAKTER for INTAN PARIWARA means a document especially created for teacher that use INTAN PARIWARA product’s. As the author of the documents, I hereby states that there is no connection between me and the company previously stated. I just created the document that will aid the teacher to maximize the techniques in teaching the student by using a worksheet or books printed by INTAN PARIWARA.

Here come a question. Why it must INTAN PARIWARA and not the others? Well, the answer is simple. I didn’t pick on who or which company but it rather of the how many teacher using the worksheets or books. I have seen with my own eyes that so many teachers using it and hence, I decide to make a guide to help teacher in using it more effectively. I saw most of them only using it as is and it means they cannot unleash the power lies in the worksheets or books.

How about other worksheets or books from another publisher? Well, I only ever seen few of them. I did create the guide based on how many teacher using it and not based on the quality of the worksheets or books. If I have to compare all of them, I’ll need the worksheets and also preparing for the reference on how to value each of them. It is not an easy works to judge each books or worksheets. Further knowledge were needed and I feel it is better if I didn’t compare all of them for now. Another reason would be the time. I have real jobs to do and doing free works means it is done whenever there is time to complete it. Another publisher may created other worksheets or books, feel free to send it through an emails and I might created another enhanced document which will aid teacher to use those subjects.

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