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RPP and syllable created in UNIROW

Teaching english in Indonesia especially at UNIROW is really great challenge. Teacher use syllable which Is given by government. The syllable is used as the basic references to teach their student. Syllable and RPP is the effective tools used to teach in schools. Syllable contains basic guidance to teach while RPP provides time management and the skill needed in teaching at class. While in UNIROW, some RPP and Syllable were modified to make it better than before. Student whom study at UNIROW must have the ability to create RPP.

RPP stands for Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran which mean Teaching Implementation Plan. RPP also well known as Learning Implementation Plan. In this case, RPP is not stand for Regulated Price Plan. RPP is short document created by teacher which is contain time management and skills needed in teaching student. An RPP also have the formula used to teach and the indicators of the achievement. Each RPP have their own achievement and also used different materials. Materials is tools used in teaching. Materials must be available in RPP.

RPP and Syllable created in UNIROW have their own characteristics. Because it is created by student whom trying to teach student, It contains really simple time management. The formula used to teach is not that great. The skills needed in teaching sometimes were not well written.

Hundreds of RPP were created at this site and it is available under repositories. Creating those RPP aren’t easy. While in UNIROW, Those document were created one by one. Sometimes single RPP need more than 2 weeks to be created but most of the times it only need a day or less. The times to created RPP varies each other due to different classes and different achievement. The longest the times to create RPP, the better it is. There is high chance that this RPP could help almost all teacher solve their problems in teaching their student at class.

RPP and Syllable were important tools for teaching at class. Teacher use RPP and Syllable as the guidance to teach their student with the best time management and better materials. By using good RPP, Teacher could measure their weakness and able to identify the best techniques used to teach. Great RPP contains not only what to do while teaching in class but also what must be done in order to make student understand the lessons. Using less time and great materials also improved skills are the keys to be a successful teacher.

As conclusion, RPP and Syllable are required document needed in teaching at class. Syllable is the basic guidance while RPP is the implementation of Syllable. In UNIROW, each student must be able to create unique RPP. RPP and Syllable were shared here for public use under repositories. by ARICK (Mochammad Rifa’i)

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