Monday , 9 December 2019


Here is another review for one of released document few second ago. The document can be downloaded if you had the credentials. so download RPP BERKARAKTER BANGSA SMK if you really need it. For some reasons, It is not being published to public. Let’s not talk about it because it can be really long story. The document was created by Linatul Ainisiyah and verified by Mochammad Rifai. There are some reasons on why this document was created. Read the reasons below:

RPP BERKARAKTER BANGSA SMK was being requested by lots of teachers. This means lots of teachers asked for it. Most of them were teacher who teaching at vocational high schools while the rest of them were just researchers.

RPP BERKARAKTER BANGSA SMK was badly needed by teachers in many areas. Teacher whom teaching at Senior High Schools and other institutions ask for this documents. They need it because the RPP can be used as basic template for other purpose documents. RPP created for SMK in this site have been highly improved and optimized that make it useful to be used as basic template.

previously RPP BERKARAKTER BANGSA SMK which is available in the internet were poorly written and lack of lots of features. Documents released by have been tested and fully compatible before being released to public. Most documents were written in . Other documents written at home and might be posted at .

RPP BERKARAKTER BANGSA SMK is a basic tool that can be used to optimize the teaching progress at vocational high schools.

Those are few reasons on the creation of RPP BERKARAKTER BANGSA SMK. If you require more info, just read about in this site. Teacher whom teaching in Vocational High school will need this documents as it will improve the teaching progress greatly.

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