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Teacher in local area were encouraged to create PROTA which can be used to guide them in teaching effectively

What is PROTA

PROTA is a document designed to guide teacher in evaluating and guide them with their teaching progress. The document were used for long-term purpose (usually yearly).


It is teacher’s document which is used in Junior High School. The document consist of yearly activities which is useful to evaluate both student in teacher’s teaching mechanism.

More info about PROTA SMP

This is just another info for so much people searching for PROTA used by teacher in Junior High school. This PROTA is used in Eight grade and might be available in 4shared file sharing documents. General Overview of PROTA SMP IPA Kelas 8 4shared:

Documents Sub Documents: :PROTA SMP IPA Kelas 8 4shared 1. PROTA IPA Kelas 8 4shared 2. PROTA SMP Kelas 8 4shared 3. PROTA IPA 4shared 4. PROTA SMP 4shared 5. PROTA Kelas 8
Platforms:Junior High Schools (SMP/MTS)
Added:June 03,, 2012
Author:Mochammad Rifai
Papers:Up to 9 Papers
Type:Good – Important
Quality (points):Mediocre (43)
Availability:Using Credential
Status:Alpha Release
Download:1. Documents (PROTA SMP IPA Kelas 8 4shared in .DOC files, .XLS files, .PPT files) 2. Compressed Archives (PROTA SMP IPA Kelas 8 4shared in .7Z format, .ZIP format, .RAR format)

Contents and Benefits of PROTA SMP IPA Kelas 8 4shared

  1. Special characteristic teaching skills.
  2. Unique teaching plan.
  3. Utilize the environments.
  4. Module to let teacher Teaching easily in class.
  5. Using less material.
  6. High achievement.

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