Sunday , 23 February 2020

Perangkat Pembelajaran PLPG

Perangkat Pembelajaran PLPG 2012 is a new teaching tools used by teachers in various local schools to gain better results. The tools consists of many modules which can be used in various conditions. For an examples, when a student in a class were having difficulties in learning a study, the modules encourage the teachers to examine on what make it happen. Then, the new teaching tools can be used based on the examination that have been done in the previous times. By using the new modules, teachers will have less difficulties in teaching students and both of them will gain better results.

The second examples would be a class full of smart students but most of them disobey the teacher’s rules. It often happen due to the superiority of the students and the result would be no respects to the teachers. The condition can be eliminated and changed by using the new method available in the teaching tools. The modules which can be chosen would be modules to gain trust from students, a module to let student busy with their own activities given by teachers and last module to let students stay active and make them interact with teachers more often.

All of them are available in a modules. I had changed lots of parts and adding new improved skills to guide the teacher on how to run the modules perfectly fine. As for now, the document was saved in download repository for private backup. I have no intention to release it soon as the old teaching tools was available to be downloaded from government. What available here is the new improved teaching tools that have been tested and changed to be the best of the best teaching tools for teachers. Thanks for any beta testers and all teachers whom help me achieve the best results. For more info, just read about it in Pengembangan Perangkat Pembelajaran PLPG.

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