Wednesday , 4 December 2019

New Author Added

Hi my name is Linatul Ainisiyah and you can call me NISYA. Usually, if there is a new author added, the administrator will introduce them to the readers and the new author will just continue the conversation. However, the Administrator of UNIROW STITMA entrust me to introduce myself directly with the visitors. I don’t know the reasons. It could be because the administrator was too lazy too introduce me (hi arick don’t edit this please.:-D ) or it is due to his busy activities. I know Arick since he was so young. We were a student in UNIROW in 2005 and both of us have almost identical Blog. I run my own blog at and Arick manage and other sites. We were good friends till now. My motivation to join this site is because there are lots of works waiting to be done. Arick surely will not be able to finish all of them alone. There is another author (Hi Aidiana ) who help him did the jobs. As a good friend, I lend my hand to finish the jobs and this is the first non-commercial blog that interest me.
To be honest, Arick have sent me the invitation since six months ago but due to real life activities, I just manage to accept it now. Don’t expect a great writing on me because I only did the jobs as researcher and examiner of the documents made for teacher. If you want to know more about my writings, head over to and you may read all the articles. Here at this site, I just help a little because I may have less time to hang around. kudos for arick.
About Linatul Ainisiyah
her name is Linatul Ainisiyah and she run awesome blog at which is having lots of great articles. She is an active person and always willing to help the others. She is well known with the name NISYA, a writer from UNIROW.
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