Monday , 9 December 2019

model pembelajaran berkarakter

Perangkat Pembelajaran PLPG


Perangkat Pembelajaran PLPG 2012 is a new teaching tools used by teachers in various local schools to gain better results. The tools consists of many modules which can be used in various conditions. For an examples, when a student in a class were having difficulties in learning a study, the modules encourage the teachers to examine on what make it …

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perangkat pembelajaran bahasa indonesia smp berkarakter

Official logo STITMA UNIROW

To download perangkat pembelajaran bahasa indonesia smp berkarakter, Public should wait a little more times as the document was wiped out due to crash in Notebook. This post is just to make the author remember about the document and write about it in the future. It is hard to write all the document which is already destroyed at once. The …

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