Thursday , 12 December 2019

how to Make Classroom Teaching Interactive and Comfort

While teaching in class, lots of things may happen. Sometimes the students really enjoy the lesson or even completely ignore the study. Making classroom interactive and comfort isn’t easy. It require lots of preparation and planning. Every plan to make the class become better are necessary. In local areas, teachers have the option to use Lesson Plan or well known as RPP or RENCANA PELAKSANAAN PEMBELAJARAN BERKARAKTER. It is a Teaching Plan mechanism that is bundled with Syllable (SILABUS PENDIDIKAN BERKARAKTER). Utilizing both of the syllable and lesson plan, local teachers will benefits the comfort situation while teaching in class.

Asking student to interact with others was easy but making students actively interacted with teacher is really hard. For some reasons, they feel comfort to interact with their friends than with teachers. However, it can be easily overcome by setting special techniques in teaching. To make student have a good interaction with both teachers and students, a lesson plan definitely needed. It is necessary to make students gather with their friend while doing the assignment and then asking support from the teachers. by doing this, the class will be comfortable and teacher will also enjoy their activities in teaching their lovely students.

Interaction between student and also teacher are the key to make the classroom become a nice place. Students doing the assignments with their friends and they can ask for support from teacher. because it is impossible to finish the task without teacher’s help, it is guarantee that there will be lots of interactions. It is depend on the teachers to make the class become comfortable or not. In simple overview, Students decide whether the classroom will be interactive or not and the teacher responsible to comfort the situation. This is the main reason why teachers should have better skills in social life and not only in teaching.

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