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Learn English by Blogging

Learn English by blogging is an addictive activity that make my skills better than the old time. Learning English can be really fun just by doing activities that we really enjoy. Blogging is an activity that will increase the skills and also really fun. Many people all around the world create their own blog to share their ideas and opinion (Mochammad Rifai 2009:156). While blogging, they gain lots of benefits such as able to interact with other people including native speakers, possibility to gain new friends ad can improve the speaking and writing skills greatly.

Learn English

Student whom living outside Europe or America were not be able to speak and write English automatically. They have to lots of difficulties in learning it due to the difference between English and their native language. The best method to teach English in this situation is by using slow-but-effective teaching method. We introduce English to student through conversation and watch their reaction. If they really excited about it, we can conclude if teaching English is half-done at this moment.

Learn By Blogging

Blogging is an activity which combine writing and expressing opinion. Student whom really love writing has higher chance to be able to learn English faster than the others. In our recent research (Arick, 2014), we found out if student whom writing in their free times have higher chance to learn anything by themselves.

In our program, we teach student to express themselves by creating student’s blog integrated with our official site. Off course we didn’t force all student to have a blog. No, our mission is to make them write in their free times. Be it an online Blog or just write it offline in Diary. In our recent overview, we found out student whom creating an online blog has better acceptance in learning English.

Why Learn by Blogging

Blogging is an interesting activity that is recommended by many famous people. Through blogging, people can share their experiences that may become great help for others. Blogging is easy as there are lots of online services provide blog for personal use. All of them using their own language. There is built-in grammar checker that surely will help anyone whom having trouble learning English. Basically, just by blogging, lots of skills and knowledge will be increased without lots of efforts. In fact, most bloggers didn’t aware if they gain more knowledge.

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