Wednesday , 8 July 2020

Kunci jawaban Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam kelas X VIVA PAKARINDO

A module in Science worksheets for tenth grade senior high schools produced by VIVA PAKARINDO has been analyzed by one of the author. The contribution to analyze the worksheets surely will aid lots of teachers in local areas. The main idea to analyze it was not connected with the reason to provide ‘all answer to all question’ or giving any ‘key answers’ of every questions. It was only to help local lecturer to get the real answers that will help the students to clearly understand the topic in each question.

As the illustration, a worksheet produced by VIVA PAKARINDA may bundled with the ‘answer keys’ only for teacher. However, the answer usually was not sufficient and will not help that much. In other case, it also make the teacher become really lazy and never learn on how to teach efficiently and better. This is a big problem for any teacher that they may not realized till now. The schools was the only institution that will got bad impact because of this. To encounter such bad things, a new answer was needed and that is the importance of having good and reasonable answers for all questions.

An answer key for worksheet produced by VIVA PAKARINDA was being analyzed and enveloped for free by the author of this blog. The project was operated by two person in their free times. Both author dedicated their lives to help teachers by providing useful answer keys. However, analyzing and creating good answers which will cover each topic clearly were not that easy. It will need lots of time and lots of beta testers will be needed to test it. Thanks to many beta testers of this blog that always being passion in testing almost all the materials. While the worksheets was being analyzed, you can browse this blog for another things you may like or read related news about perangkat pembelajaran bahasa indonesia smp berkarakter and in other post.

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