Sunday , 23 February 2020

It is important to choose only accredited online education

Accredited Online Education is an institution which has been accredited and has legal license in education related things. The license was issued by the government and any other legal institution such as United Nations for example. Many local universities and education institutions were failed to obtain legal accreditation due to several reasons. Most of the times, the reasons would be simple. As an example, a local university was unable to obtain legal accreditation point because of it only has mediocre lecturers. Few professors and high skilled lecturers along with great place for study are the requirements to obtain legal accreditation system in local areas.

While it is important to get legal accreditation system, many local institutions were trying to abuse the system by completing the requirements with worse techniques. They sent their lecturers to nowhere and back with higher degree and then told the government if they already had high skilled staffs. However, many peoples know the truth if the staffs were not skilled in their field because the degrees were obtained using money or with other bad techniques. This is a common thing which happen in local areas. Accreditation was important for them and hence they using any available method to acquire it. Sometimes, they open many study and didn’t care with the accreditation system. In the end, the students would suffer more and the universities will only laugh and think the government would help them. Basically, they were causing troubles and the government will be the one that should fix the problem. Local universities uses their students to force government to give them legal accreditation. This common practice was really bad. Imagine if lots of local universities using this method, many local universities would pop up and cause troubles to government. Judging from this condition, it is important to choose only accredited universities. It will save us from troubles and give many benefits. Lately, many groups of peoples blocking the road just to force government to give the accreditation system to their universities. It is because they would graduate from that place but their status were not accepted in many institutions. They should understand if the accreditation system was not given without quality control. Their universities didn’t meet the criteria and how could they force the government to give the status. They should force their universities to fulfill the requirement within specified times. It is a good solution for every problems related with accreditation system. For more info, you may wish to retrieve the information in U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.

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