Monday , 9 December 2019

Isi buku modul kewirausahaan penerbit hikmah

A module is really important. Local student’s worksheets was available not for long ago. It is a book released by local publisher to help teacher whom teaching entrepreneur in local schools. Entrepreneur is hard study as there are only few specialist who is capable in teaching student about it. A publisher whom publish it was called HIKMAH. There is only few publisher in local areas that capable in creating the books about entrepreneur. The data is available shown in details below:

isi buku modul kewirausahaan penerbit hikmah Reviewed by Mochammad Rifai on April 24 . All about Entrepreneur books An entrepreneur books to be used by local teachers. Rating: 5.0
isi buku modul kewirausahaan penerbit hikmah 7 from 10 based on 7 ratings and 2 reviews in Editorial.

General Overview of the documents:

Sub Documents
Entrepreneur Books
1. Modul Kewirausahaan SMA
2. Modul Kewirausahaan SMK
3. Modul Kewirausahaan SMP
Added:May 24, 2012
Author:Mochammad Rifai
Papers:Up to 315 Papers
Type:Low – Important
Quality (points):Poor (71)
Availability:Using Credential
Status:Beta Release
Download:1. Documents (RPP MATEMATIKA SMK BERKARAKTER in .DOC files, .XLS files, .PPT files)
2. Compressed Archives (RPP RPP MATEMATIKA SMK BERKARAKTER in .7Z format, .ZIP format, .RAR format)

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