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SILABUS SMK BERKARAKTER is another useful tool released into public to be used by teacher whom teaching student in Vocational High School (VHS). Previous tool which have been discussed and made into analysis earlier was RPP in An Analysis of RPP BERKARAKTER for SMA in UNIROW TUBAN. Both of the RPP ans Syllable that made into analysis were based on the further testing of many documents in some schools. Due to privacy and agreement with the schools, all of them were not being listed here. Testing all of those documents require lots of time due to implementation in schools which takes more than months. By testing it in schools, all of those documents can be verified for several factors:

  1. The usefulness of documents. (A document which is useful is more important than millions of document which are useless. UNIROW TUBAN EDUCATION BLOG believe this argument and that is why all the documents need to be verified for usefulness before being released to public for teacher. By releasing to public it means the document can be considered as useful material to be used as teaching tool in class along with other materials needed by teacher. The uses of this document  (SILABUS SMK BERKARAKTER) are explained step by step and teacher would not have problem to use it while teaching. Any other problems which may arise by using it have been anticipated and if the problems are not being listed in the last revision, feel free to submit it through comment section or via email as usual.)
  2. The reliability of the documents. (The documents should be reliable with the situation. Current curriculum require student to be a subject and not only an object which mean student should be an active individual and not passive person. Teacher should only being a person that guide the student and give an example. Student should be able to do everything based on the curriculum and teacher just make them able to do that. A released document should reliable for teacher and the techniques used while teaching must comprehend with it. A release SILABUS SMK BERKARKARAKTER was designed to handle the situation in class just like what the curriculum want it. It guide teacher to act as accordingly so the student will be able to do by their selves. The document about SILABUS BERKARAKTER SMK can be marked as reliable. All documents have been tested for the reliability. Some of them who pass the test were being available to download while the rest which fail the test were being analyzed for the possibility to be improved or being archived in the supplemental.)
  3. The Latest Techniques. (All SILABUS SMK BERKARAKTER were equipped with the latest techniques on how to teach student efficiently. It also consume lees times than the usual methods. Usually all the documents were twice times better than the usual. It was possible due to the effectiveness of the time usage while teaching so the process to teach student can be reduced into twice. Teaching progress also benefit from this as it will make more free time at the end of the semester which can be used to test student ability or add more study at it.)
  4. All test were done in Favorite schools. (All the documents about SILABUS SMK BERKARAKTER have been tested in some popular schools which are standards for international schools. Use it on all type of schools are recommended. However, I encourage teacher who will implement it in small school should make some modification in it due to the method require lots of materials. Schools which are in villages should also make some modification in the teaching materials. The section to modify it have been marked as NEED MODIFICATION BASED ON THE TYPE OF SCHOOLS. That section was dedicated for teacher whom teaching student in rural areas or small schools.)

All fours aspect above are the key for in-depth analysis of SILABUS SMK BERKARAKTER in schools. While testing it, I found lots of things which may change the structures of the documents in future. This may be done to improve it to be more useful and effective also easier to be read. All teacher who uses it in schools can share their ideas through comment form or just send it as usual to one of emails addresses which available in the documents. Here is an insight which may useful for teacher: .

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