Monday , 9 December 2019

ARICK Corporation

In 1990, a single Family moved from a village in east java Indonesia named Sumberagung. the Family consists of 5 persons. a father, a mother, a son and two daughters. the Family tried to change the life because they knew there are no jobs available for them. as a farmer, the family knew their life wouldn’t going to be better if they didn’t try to change it. in 1990 they moved to the new village named Tawang Rejo. it is a village with only 9 Kilometers from the local town. They have sold their old House, their livestock and almost all of the crops from the previous year. the new house was built but the money was not enough to complete it. there are two doors, a cabinet and roof. there are no chairs, table or other furniture. there is even nothing in their bedroom. we are slept in the floor. father went to neighbor just to ask for jobs. a month later, we decided to sale Meatball. we knew it was aright choice. father is a merchant before married mother. he used to sale meatball. in 1991, the Family able to buy almost all furniture after being meatball seller. there are many customer from all over the places. this is the first time Arick Corporation was born. being a small local Corporation, it always struggle to be better. in late 2000, Arick Corporation still exist and trying to move forward. in 2009, Arick Corporation goes Online for the first time. Arick Corporation didn’t sale the meatball or it’s product Online rather than helping the customer who had many problems getting information from Internet. Arick Corporation knew there are no relations between the Meatball and internet. earlier in 2010, Arick Corporation separate the mission into two categories. Arick Corporation still selling Meatball in Local Areas while Arick Corporation also moving into internet and Online Digital news. in the middle of 2010, one of the member of Arick Corporation have mastered the knowledge about computer and online information. when the first time Arick Corporation give the free service for computer and Internet related issues, many people came and use the services. started from a year ago, Arick Corporation moving forward from selling the Meatball into Computer maintenance and internet services for free. Arick Corporation is only provides free services to friends as we help other for free. Arick Corporation main business only for selling meatball. being online and helping other is not the priority. it may changed in the future but for now, Arick Corporation is still focusing in selling meatball and helping others.

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