Monday , 9 December 2019

Free Download RPP Berbasis Karakter gratis

There are various RPP which were needed by local teacher such as RPP Tematik, RPP Matematika, RPP Simulasi digital, RPP Kimia, RPP Fisika, RPP Penjas And much more.


RPP which stand for “Rencana Pelaksanaan pembelajaran” is a document which is created by teacher by observing local environment. It is important to observe situation around the school because the document would be used for teaching progress. By creating document and teaching materials which discuss about situation around student’s location, teacher would be able to teach smoothly.

RPP Gratis

The documents was previously distributed for free by authors of this blog but now it is shared only for beta testers. We do this to prevent the document being ‘claimed’ by another peoples and sell it over the internet. We were group of local teachers whom really concern with education in local areas. We really happy to help local teacher but our efforts was ruined by group of peoples whom selling the RPP for specified price.

Free Download

We no longer offer free downloadable RPP as it cause more trouble than benefit. We have received lots of letters encourage us to close free downloadable RPP. We really thanks our beta-testers whom put efforts to test our documents before it made available for public.


We already stated above if we close public downloadable documents to keep the documents fall into the wrong hand. We put lots of hard-works creating it and we would be really sad to watch it ‘being used’ by the wrong people. However, we always open for any advice. We respect anyone whom sending their opinion. After all, we built this site for teacher and we would always keep it like that as long as we could. Once again, we thank everyone for supporting us.

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