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Teaching and Education

Preparation before teaching in class

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Teaching in class require preparation. It is encouraged for all local teacher to always prepare the material used for teaching student in the next days. Preparing material is essential as it would give much benefits for teacher and students. Teachers whom doing preparation before teaching would spend less time in teaching. Students would understand the explanation without much times to ... Read More »

The importance of skills in Teaching for Teacher

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Teacher should rely their own skills to solve many issues while teaching. The most noticeable issues are answering questions from worksheets and explaining the study to students. While teaching student in schools were not easy, most teacher should understand it can be easier and joyful. To achieve it, teacher only need to be smarter and acquire skills in teaching as fast as possible. No need to be a perfect teacher. Just be the best for student and everything shall be fine. Read More »

It is important to choose only accredited online education

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Accredited Online Education is an institution which has been accredited and has legal license in education related things. The license was issued by the government and any other legal institution such as United Nations for example. Many local universities and education institutions were failed to obtain legal accreditation due to several reasons. Most of the times, the reasons would be ... Read More »

Teaching Writing in Local University

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Teaching Writing in Local University is an easy assignment but there are high chances that the students wouldn’t be able to receive the information successfully. Lecturers or teachers are should be more focus not only on how they express their ideas in teaching writing to their students but also on how they should delivers the information. The effective ways to ... Read More »

Online Education that is suitable for students

Factors affecting student attitudes toward flexible online learning in management education. We explored the factors that affect student satisfaction with flexible online learning in management education. the ability of higher skilled students to maximize the potential of the online materials. options, which placed the onus on students to use them as they deemed suitable. Student engagement in campus-based and online education: University connections If online learning systems are changing teaching and campus environments, then it seems reasonable to Despite this possibility, much remains unknown about this aspect of university education. So far, it has not been investigated in suitable depth in either student engagement Students' perceptions of online learning: Implications for teaching Although the importance of goal-directed learning applies to all higher education settings, online learning calls for increased clarity of goals and objectives for each unit and assignment within the context of The online environment is especially suitable for developing Gender differences in students' experiences, interests, and attitudes toward science and scientists Science Education Consultant, Raleigh, NC, USA. 3 Issue published online: 3 FEB 2000; Article first published online: 3 FEB 2000; Manuscript Accepted: 1 MAR 1999; whereas more males reported that science was destructive and dangerous, as well as more “suitable” for boys. Educational game design for online education what the student's activity tells of the learning experience (eg Did the student visit all design guidelines that allows the integration of adaptive and assessable games in online education environments, taking The first design decision is to choose a suitable genre for the games to How To Be a Successful Online Student. In this book, lifelong learners, wired students, and professionals using the Internet to get the basics of how online learning works, including: whether online learning is suitable to particular exercises, and a glossary, this resource shows how to make the most of education online. Collaboration, a key principle in distance education Faculty experiences with providing online courses. of materials‐based teaching and learning Open Learning June 1998 12 22 View all references) points out that much failure in higher education stems from students embarking on courses which are not suitable for them or Individual student characteristics: Can any be predictors of success in online classes? Online education provides access to information sources and teaching institutions around the world to anyone with access to a computer, modem, and telephone lines. Such high dropout rates may be a sign that the online environment is not suitable for all students. Distance education: A systems view of online learning Concerns 161 Course Concerns 161 The Second Language Student 161 Cultural Expectations in Online Learning 162 Study Skills 163 Student Attitudes 163 Classroom versus Distance Learning 163 Resistance to Distance Education 164 Student Support: Guidance and Rationing Education: Policy, Practice, Reform and Equity. Chapter 6, "Educational Triage and the D-to-C Conversion: Suitable Cases for Treatment?," discusses strategies schools use to maximize performance. Education Level: Secondary Education. Help ERIC expand online access to documents currently available only on microfiche Use of innovative technologies on an e-learning course the use of The Open University's Lyceum system to support a distance education German course The presence of people online is clearly shown and normal practice is to greet arrivals the Connected Economy as its low demands on bandwidth made it more suitable for students How the attitudes of instructors, students, course administrators, and course designers affects the quality of an online learning environment in the current course, course schedule, or any other points that might be suitable for the plan can alleviate student concerns if they are taken care of before the students arrive This paper has addressed the attitudes toward online education by four groups that are directly involved Teaching and learning online with wikis additional features such as authentication and tracking are required for wikis to be suitable for teaching However, they are not yet widely implemented in the education arena. are, moving beyond their comfort zone by using wikis to enhance both teaching and learning online. The validation and application of a new learning environment instrument for online learning in higher education students see web-based learning as an opportunity for them to gain higher education without having to In order to study online, it is necessary to have accessed (Scale I) to some web activities, the efficiency in terms of accessing the learning materials at a location suitable to the Ethics and distance education: Strategies for minimizing academic dishonesty in online assessment The development of assessments suitable for online will be discussed later. assignments with specific goals and instructions, knowing what is available online before assigning of creating large questions pools for randomized assessments (Distance Education and Instructional Online education today by work, family, community responsibilities, or lack of proximity to a suitable educational institution. and institutions expected the synchronicity and distance-independence of online education to be national profile, however, of the age of the “average” online students and their Transparency in cooperative online education A cornerstone in cooperative online education is that cooperation should be voluntary, but attractive and appealing who are interested in cooperation to engage in a network of suitable learning partners In addition it is necessary to stimulate the rest of the students to contribute to Accent on Learning. Improving Instruction and Reshaping the Curriculum. A model college program is outlined that allows students to achieve excellence in fields suitable to their individual talents and that accommodates student Education Level: Higher Education. Help ERIC expand online access to documents currently available only on microfiche. Going the distance with online education has considered reducing the time of residence required for students to earn a degree (Young, 2002). Various strands of evidence support claims about the transformation of distance learning and teaching in higher education. First is the launch of major online initiatives by first In search of higher persistence rates in distance education online programs rates typically associated with these students; (b) the increase in the number distance education programs that of adult learners and the results of research into the needs of online students in order to show that existing persistence models are not entirely suitable for use Predictors for student success in an online course However, females view Internet-based communication as a medium to develop higher collaboration in online learning. Age is seen as another student characteristic in research studies, since distance education is viewed as very suitable to adults. Blended learning and sense of community: A comparative analysis with traditional and fully online graduate courses technology. Distance education is already a pervasive element of higher education and it continues to rapidly expand. Research, however, suggests that online courses are not suitable for all types of students and faculty. Collins The learning styles, expectations, and needs of online students Web-based environments offer flexible access to education and are more responsive to students' needs; however, they fail to address other sources of student diversity Online learning is also most suitable for independent learners (Illinois Online Network 2003). Delivering learning on the Net: The why, what and how of online education Student perceptions of an online dental terminology course In addition, all of the students found it advantageous to work on the course material at times that were suitable to their personal schedules. Technical frustrations have been consistently noted as a drawback to online education.4,11,13,21 This study supported the existing Online education using learning objects Facilitating interaction in computer mediated online courses use of the computer conferencing technology and be aware of various teaching and facilitation techniques that are, and are not, suitable for online Computer access for students with special needs. In Linda Heroism (Ed.) Online Education -Perspectives on a New Environment. Designing and evaluating e-learning in higher education: A review and recommendations Communication in education has most often emphasized one-way transmission. communication should focus on whether the concept or application is reasonable or suitable based on The use of discussion forums in online programs aims to break down communication barriers Differences between traditional and distance education academic performances: A meta-analytic approach to the reference lists and bibliographies of the studies collected through the online searches. The results of this study may raise the inverse question: “Is F2F suitable for all students?” and may begin a paradigm shift in the way postsecondary education is pedagogically Risks of e-education E-education may be better for older or more disciplined students, and for students who expect more than just being entertained. It is useful for stressing fundamentals as well as helping students gain real skills. But only certain types of courses are suitable for online offerings. Read More »

Learn English by Blogging

Learn English by blogging is an addictive activity that make my skills better than the old time. Learning English can be really fun just by doing activities that we really enjoy. Blogging is an activity that will increase the skills and also really fun. Many people all around the world create their own blog to share their ideas and opinion ... Read More »

Using Classroom Assessment Techniques in Teaching English

Classroom Assessment Techniques in teaching is written based on Enhancing Skills using Special Techniques. After receiving lots of emails asking about classroom Assessment Techniques in teaching English, I decide to write an article just to respect them. However, it surely lack of references and information. I’ll just try to write it based on my own experiences. In local areas, especially ... Read More »

Teaching English in ESL Countries

Teaching English in ESL countries sometimes can be really hard but most volunteers said it also really fun. in ESL (English as Second Language) Countries, the problems arise because the volunteers or foreigner teachers didn’t understand the local languages. Thus made them unable to teach local students easily. Even an easies lesson would be really taught to due to different ... Read More »

Enhancing Skills using Special Techniques

Students and teacher have different skills. Teacher always one step ahead from students in term of knowledge and skills. I always wonder whether it is possible for student to enhance the skills even further and thus make them having better skills than teachers. It seems rude or technically impossible at first but then I realize if it is doable. I ... Read More »

Making the Classroom Interactive and Comfort

While teaching in class, lots of things may happen. Sometimes the students really enjoy the lesson or even completely ignore the study. Making classroom interactive and comfort isn’t easy. It require lots of preparation and planning. Every plan to make the class become better are necessary. In local areas, teachers have the option to use Lesson Plan or well known ... Read More »