Thursday , August 28 2014

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This week in the end of April, the authors will present one of the last document which was asked by a teacher from local school. The document is a syllable which is going to be used at schools. The teacher will require it as it contains the basic ideas to guide them in teaching at schools. It sis really hard ... Read More »


SILABUS SMK BERKARAKTER is another useful tool released into public to be used by teacher whom teaching student in Vocational High School (VHS). Previous tool which have been discussed and made into analysis earlier was RPP in An Analysis of RPP BERKARAKTER for SMA in UNIROW TUBAN. Both of the RPP ans Syllable that made into analysis were based on ... Read More »

List of all free download silabus berkarakter in UNIROW TUBAN

Today is Sunday and is is the time to show the public on the current progress of the project to supply the teacher with some useful document. Here are available document named as syllabus/syllable or SILABUS in bahasa which are already under writing. Based on the estimation times, These document will be available for download in the repository after previous ... Read More »

RPP Silabus Bahasa Inggris KTSP 2008 untuk SMA Kelas XI

“RPP Silabus Bahasa Inggris KTSP 2008 untuk SMA Kelas XI” Reviewed by Mochammad Rifai on Feb 12 is an old document but still required till today.“RPP Silabus Bahasa Inggris KTSP 2008 untuk SMA Kelas XI” is a useful document which is still being used by numerous teacher due to the effectiveness of it and also because of the skills required ... Read More »

download rpp pelajaran agama katolik berkarakter bangsa smp

“download rpp pelajaran agama katolik berkarakter bangsa smp” Reviewed by Mochammad Rifai on Feb 8 is a regular document used by teacher in school.“download rpp pelajaran agama katolik berkarakter bangsa smp” is a document having nationality characteristic education method mainly created for teacher whom teaching Christ at junior high school. Rating: 4.1. The document was released under special category in ... Read More »

Silabus Bahasa Inggris Sma Kelas Xi Semester 2

Silabus Bahasa Inggris Sma Kelas Xi Semester 2 Posted on January 30, 2012 by Mochammad Rifai ARICK CORPORATION (UNIROW STITMA) which is available in Jalan Raya pertigaan pakah, TUBAN, EAST JAVA with a website of UNIROW have created the document by Mochammad Rifai and Rated: 9/ 10 (Excellent). UNIROW STITMA is creating Syllable to be used by teacher whom teaching ... Read More »

download rpp smk yang menerapkan paikem

Back again after really long time without update. I’ll write about it later. For now on, As I have written in some previous posts, Today I’ll show some info about DOWNLOAD RPP SMK YANG MENRAPKAN PAIKEM. For anyone having trouble to know about RPP, I would recommend you to read about that in WHAT IS RPP PENDIDIKAN ONLINE. Today is ... Read More »

RPP SILABUS (Updated Info)

Silabus and RPP will be the next main focus for me. i can said that because I couldn’t manage it for now. I have excuse for it. the reason are described in the paragraph below. I do appologize for any RPP and Syllable user whom need the documents. hope you able to get what you want. searching in the search ... Read More »

New Update Free Download SILABUS RPP Lengkap

new updates Free Download Silabus RPP Lengkap mainly posted here to show on upcoming news for rpp silabur TIK sma kelas xii karakter free and also rpp silabus matematika sma. for some teacher whom ask me for RPP SILABUS ASWAJA DAN KE-NU-AN MA, all of you should considering to read notes on rpp silabus kkpi xi smk informatika  which will ... Read More »

Free Download RPP Berbasis Karakter gratis

There is important news regarding penyusunan rpp berbasis karakter. the rule to write RPP will be changed to reflect the best way to teach the student. the new RPP and Silabus or KTSP will be different based on the area of the User. the user here mean teacher whom use it as a guide to teach. so basically it will ... Read More »