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Definition Of RPP

RPP is a document contains lots of planning in teaching students effectively. Lesson plan is the common name in English. Creating simple plan while teaching will make the learning progress goes seamlessly fine and effective. Teachers are encouraged to make at least one simple plan to be used in teaching students at class. Professional teachers may create lots of lesson plan that were used in different conditions.

RPP or lesson plan is really important for teachers. It has several outlines such as effective times management, tracking the teaching progress and the method to evaluate the learning process also techniques to evaluate the students skills. Without the document, Teacher may unable to continue the learning process due to no special information to tract the student’s progress.

RPP in Indonesia means Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran. The name of it is really popular in Indonesia. Below is lots of example of popular RPP (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran) that are popular in local schools:

  1. RPP Berkarakter (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran dengan menggunakan sistem Berkarakter). This is another RPP which is really popular.
  2. RPP EEK (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran dengan Eksplorasi Elaborasi dan Konfirmasi). RPP EEK popular by the name with RPP Eksplorasi Elaborasi Konfirmasi.
  3. RPP KKPI. This RPP become really popular in local schools. Not all teachers need it but only few teachers really understand the essential of this RPP.
  4. RPP BTQ. This Lesson Plan is used in certain schools that use special teaching progress.
  5. RPP PAIKEM. More Information about this will be updated in future.
  6. RPP TIK. This is another Lesson Plan used in certain environment. Using it is encouraged for local teacher in special schools.
  7. RPP TKJ. This teaching Plan is used only by local teacher that teaching TKJ.

Based on the popular RPP Above, it can be concluded if there are several lesson plan based on

  • RPP SMA BERKARAKTER. Used in Senior High Schools, this Lesson Plan also popular with the name of RPP SMU BERKARAKTER.
  • RPP SMK BERKARAKTER. Lesson Plan used in Vocational High Schools.
  • RPP SMP BERKARAKTER. Teaching procedure used in Junior High Schools.
  • RPP SD BERKARAKTER. Document for teachers whom teaching in Elementary schools. It also popular by the name of RPP MTS BERKARAKTER.
  • RPP PGPAUD BERKARAKTER. In local areas, it well known with the name of RPP TK BERKARAKTER.

All the RPP above are essential for teachers. In the future, there will be more useful information covering all the information about Lesson Plan.

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