Monday , 1 June 2020

Chapter 1 Skripsi Statement of the Problems

Statement of the Problem Skripsi Chapter 1 was being published in UNIROW STITMA which discuss many aspect available in Skripsi. Chapter 1 or often called as Chapter One is the first content describe many basic aspect.

Student whom trying to create Skripsi ought to create several chapter from first chapter till the end. For most student, there would be only six or seven chapters. There are no rules for how much chapters should available in the Skripsi. However, creating much chapters wasn’t recommended instead adding more informative to the appropriate chapters.

Chapter one as discussed in UNIROW STITMA mainly focus on Statement of the problem. Currently there are more than six (usually seven) sub chapters in first chapter. Statement of the problem was the fifth sub chapter.

In Statement of the problem, Student should describe and state any problem which make them doing the research on the object. It lists all problems with an easy descriptions. For more in depth info, kindly visit the link provided above.

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