Wednesday , 4 December 2019


Camera UNIROW is another camera used to take picture in UNIROW. this kind of Camera is like any regular Camera except for the high exposure in dark areas. this camera has been used many times in so much condition at UNIROW. while there are other regular camera to choose such as SONY camera, SONY Handy-cam, SONY CAMCORDER or CANON camera, I prefer to use this camera.

cameraCamera UNIROW is basically a self modded camera assembled from high value parts. the lens itself came from top developer used by popular brand. the other parts such as storage and chips was taken from some popular brand. the hard things is creating software to make the camera works fine. assembling some ASM codes and thousands script made it possible to operate this camera. to be honest, CAMERA UNIROW still cannot unleash its power due to the limited knowledge in creating software. like other Phone camera, the EEROM parts (named like that because the software is based phone camera software) and some script sometimes cannot work fine. there are still few memory leaks and unbalanced use of processor.

In few months later (could be years :-D), it might be possible to create better software. I’m not good in doing that so I’ll just pass it :-D. I’m now focusing in real life as I have realized almost all of my times were wasted for no good. CAMERA UNIROW isn’t that bad. it just not perfect because it lack support in software. just take a look at the screenshot.

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