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RPP BERKARAKTER have been an essential part in teaching mechanism. It guide the teacher on how to do do the something while teaching in class. RPP BERKARAKTER play an important part in succeeding the teaching progress. Government always using it as a tool to help teacher maximize the teaching mechanism. Lots of teacher didn’t know on how to spend the hours while teaching in class. This is why RPP BERKARKATER was needed. We will try to describe the importance of RPP BERKARAKTER especially which is being used in SMA or Senior High School based on the analysis and deep research on teaching activity which is happen in every daily activities.

RPP BERKARAKTER especially which is used in Senior High School (SMA) was modified to be used in almost all kind of schools which is the same as Senior High School (SMA). The same kind of education are Vocational High School (SMK) and ALIYAH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (MA). Both of them are the same grade as SMA. RPP BERKARAKTER is the Indonesian words for Unique Characteristically Teaching Plan (UCTP) in English. In English it describe Teaching plan mechanism to be used by teacher while teaching in class to achieve the maximum goals. Based on the description above, it can be concluded if Unique Characteristically Teaching Plan (UCTP) or RPP BERKARAKTER is an effective tool used by teacher to be used as guidelines in teaching student in class. Without it, Teacher will not be able to utilize the latest improvement in teaching mechanism.

Senior High School is not too different with other kind of schools. SMK and MA only different in add on study. Other than that, everything are same. Characteristic Teaching method will make sure the student not only to be smart but also being useful person in societies. RPP BERKARAKTER is a must for teacher. By utilizing it, teacher will not only able to maximize the hours in teaching progress but also will be able to finish the teaching activities in time. In fact, there will be more time available that can be used to increase the student ability by add more study in it.

RPP BERKARAKTER will make the teaching activities enjoyable. Teachers will find it useful once they use it. Many teachers benefit from it after they realize on how to use it. Actually they enjoy teaching their student because the teaching process are completed in time. In class, There will be lots of student activities which mean teachers should only watch and guide them. It means student learn by themselves. Teacher just guide them and teach them once there are difficulties while learning in class. In many test at schools, RPP BERKARAKTER is an effective tool if used correctly. It is an awesome invention of teaching tools by human.

This analysis is not to be used as references in any case as it only individual opinion and using this analysis as reference will be allowed if the writer (myself) grant the permission. Any other purposes than references will not going to be allowed. Always ask for permission first if there is doubt about it.

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