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Teaching Model for SMA

Teaching is an awesome work that consist of transferring knowledge from teacher to students. While teaching students in class is not an easy job, teachers are free to use any module to help them teaching their students easier. Many modules were used to achieve the best result in teaching. Teacher can select the best modules that is better to be used in their locations. Each modules has different skills and materials used in the teaching progress. A module may works best for a teacher but may not that great for another. That is way teachers are free to select the best modules. Each modules will work differently and use different materials. Each materials may not available in specific locations. That is why the result is different each others. Here are some information related with it:

General Overview of Teaching Model for senior High Schools:

Sub Documents
Teaching Model for senior High Schools
1. Teaching Model for senior High Schools
2. Teaching Modules for senior High Schools
Platforms:Senior High Schools (SMA/SMK/MA)
Added:May 28, 2012
Author:Mochammad Rifai
Papers:Up to 5 Papers
Type:Good – Important
Quality (points):Mediocre (49)
Availability:Using Credentials
Status:Alpha Release
Download:1. Documents (Teaching Model for senior High Schools in .DOC files, .XLS files, .PPT files)
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Contents and Benefits of Teaching Model for senior High Schools.

  1. Special Teaching Model.
  2. Unique teaching Modules.
  3. Utilize local materials.
  4. Module special for teacher.
  5. Using less knowledge.
  6. High standard of teaching.

Here are some other references for Teaching Model for senior High Schools:

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