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about download SILABUS PKN SMA

This week in the end of April, the authors will present one of the last document which was asked by a teacher from local school. The document is a syllable which is going to be used at schools. The teacher will require it as it contains the basic ideas to guide them in teaching at schools. It sis really hard to get the exact document as the principles in creating syllable is differ each authors. It seems everyone can make it at present times. However, the credibility of the documents were not as great as is. Some of them even contains the old materials that were outdated. In this page, Teacher will be given the exact ways on how to teach the student by using the proper ways which were compiled from the best instructors. Nonetheless, the document is exclusively given to the people who have access to the repository. Feel free to send any of the request through email as it was used to be.

General Info:

Added:April 29, 2012
Author:Mochammad Rifai
Papers:113 Papers
Quality (points):Awesome (83)
Availability:Using Credential
Download:1. Documents (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT)
2. Compressed Archives (.7Z, .ZIP, .RAR)

References for free download SILABUS PKN SMA:

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